FAQ on Mentoring

Leslie Teaching in Dendera Temple 2012

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mentoring Program

If I have taken live classes or webinars with Leslie will those fulfill the pre-requisites?
Yes. Both Modules 1 & 2 are based on the materials that were used in the live classes and webinars for—“Dance as a Spiritual Practice” and “Hat-hor Goddess of Love and Empowerment”. Modules 3 & 4 were not previously offered courses.

The live classes or webinars however did not provide mentoring. During those courses students were encouraged to email the instructor with questions or were able to ask questions during the live classes or live webinars but personal attention was not given to each student in alignment with their own goals. This is where the mentoring program is different. Leslie would like to take the material she has been developing and teaching for years and make it more applicable to the student’s individual goals.

I took these courses with Leslie a long time ago—should I repeat them again? Will I pay the same amount?
If you have previously taken “Dance as a Spiritual Practice” or “Hat-hor Goddess of Love and Empowerment” you are encouraged to repeat them again if you are planning to go on to Modules 3 & 4. In this way you will benefit fully from the material through the mentoring process—adapting it all to you personal goals.

There is a special price for people repeating any Module. The price for returning students is $107 US for each Module. Basically the student is paying for the mentoring sessions and not for the material that they have already completed previously.

What is the difference between the “Programs” and the “One-on-one” mentoring options?
The Module "Program" has pre-designed coursework and follows a syllabus—the “One-on-one” option does not. The Module Programs and Online Programs are suggested for beginners or people who have not studied with Leslie before. It is meant to cover a full range of information and build a base for moving forward with the Universal Dancer process.

This is why the application process is important—it provides an opportunity to communicate directly with Leslie to discuss what is the best option for you and how to best move forward. Often mentoring will be composed of both options—some months doing Modules, if the student has not previously done the material, and other months using the “Free-form” option.

Can I begin a Module at any time or are their specific dates for each Module?
Modules usually begin the first week of the month and run for 4-weeks. You can begin with any Module as long as it doesn’t have a pre-requisite, or you have already taken the pre-requisite with Leslie either live or online. Online Programs begin at any time.

Do I have to pay for a whole month to work with Leslie?
No. Leslie does offer one-off Private Session online. If there is material that you would like to do on your own and then just connect with Leslie now and again to process and discuss your work—then this would be the option for you. A one-hour online session is $214 US.

If you have an over-all vision or goal in mind then it is still recommended that you go through the application process. If you just want to meet cold, with no preparation, then Private Sessions can be schedules anytime without going through the registration process. Please use the contact form to inquire about details.

* Because Leslie can only accept a limited number of students every month—please apply early.