This course is currently being taught as part of the Mentoring Program.

In the previous Level we were introduced to the Serpent Goddess—the Divine Feminine. We explored her two aspects through the ‘attractive-aggressive goddess’ Hat-hor/Sekhmet. In this Level we will pick up where we left off in our search for the Divine Feminine.

We take this journey by going back to the original sources. We will study many of the writings that I have spoken about in previous courses and in my book.  From there we will move on to esoteric literature to make it more experiential.

We begin by delving deeply into the subject of archetypes—exploring other aspects of the feminine and beyond. Archetypes are the energetic blueprints held in the Field (collective unconscious)—frequency into form. They are the keys to unlocking the psyche and a portal for entry into the Field. Once we understand the archetypes and how to access them they can be used for healing and ritual.

There are several books to read (see the Bookstore for Course Material) as well as my own videos, assignments and two one-on-one sessions.

In this Module we will:

  • Explore Archetypes as vibrational patterns in the Field.
  • Take an in-depth look at several important Archetypes and see how they play out in mythology and fairytales.
  • Learn about sacred space—why it is so important to the process and how to create it.
  • Use creative expression as a means to embody the goddess energy.

In Pursuit of the Divine Feminine