The Application/Registration Process

The application process is a simple process meant to determine if we are a good fit. A limited number of students are accepted each month. The application process is meant to assure that needs are met on both sides.

Once you pay the Application/Registration Fee ($50 via PayPal) you will be sent an Assessment Form. The form is a questioner asking you about your goals, interest and passed experience. Once you have fill out assessment form and returned it an appointment for an online interview/consultation will be schedule.

This interview gives applicant and mentor an opportunity to meet each other online, one-on-one and discuss your goals and the best way to work together. If it is a good fit then you will be asked to pay the fee for the Mentoring—and the journey begins!

For more information please see FAQ or use the contact form below.

Teaching in Dendera Temple 2012

Mentoring Program Application