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Praise for Dance as a Spiritual Practice:

 “Leslie has very well broken down her dance course into digestible information along with practical exercises that are fun and reflective. It’s about dancing with depth and accessing one's multidimensional aspects (Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) with curiosity and non-judgment. It is a wonderful practice useful for those who want to explore personal and spiritual growth through movement. I really enjoyed both the live and online workshop versions!”— Rawan Husseini

“I love how this course weds simplicity with profundity. Leslie has a wonderful understanding of what is foundational to a spiritual dance practice. From her building blocks one can plunge into the depths and fly to the heavens as you will. Great course!! Leslie's book also adds important embellishments and ideas for further dance practice strategies. It's a great help and inspiration.”—Charlotte Hussey, MFA, PhD, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“Leslie offers a course that reaches you to connect to your mind, body and spirit through movement, sound and vibration. I greatly enjoyed this course and would take another if she offered.”— Paula Petri, Wisconsin, USA

 “The platform for the course is easy and organized. The practice itself has opened me up to another level of spiritual connection within myself.”— Robin Kimbrel Wiggs, Colorado, USA