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Leslie Zehr author of “The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer” is your host for this free online Sacred Dance Summit. Twice a year she has brings together five amazing women from the world of dance, all well known for their work with sacred dance. Each day she interviews a new guest—expanding your view of sacred dance.
Join Leslie and her guests each day for 5-days for a stimulating hour of conversation. For five consecutive days feed your soul with insights and inspiration to guide you on your dance journey. As well as the interviews, each speaker has prepared a free gift for you.

Each summit has a differnt focus the first one in January 2019 was "The Sacred Art of Dance", the second in May of 2019 was "The Healing Power of Dance". The third, which will air the 4ht-8th of November 2019 will focus on "Dance as a Spiritual Practice".

Whether you are new to sacred dance or a well-versed practitioner—there is something for everyone. As those who dance with the Divine know “there is always more!”

Registration is easy and the summit is free!

Join us to explore Sacred Dance in a Free Online Summit

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sacred Dance!

I am so happy to announce our speakers for the November 2019 Sacred Dance Summit. The line up is:

Bobbi Bailin
Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland
Kumu Karyne Daniels
Nicole Perry
Schirin Chams-Diba

...the sacred dance of co-creation