Lisa Michaels interviews Leslie Zehr about Dance as a Spiritual Practice

Reconnect to Source through movement and Dance

Dance as a Spiritual Practice
is taught by Leslie Zehr, Sacred Dance instructor from Egypt and author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer. Through her books and classes, Leslie has taught hundreds of women the art of Sacred Dance.

This workshop is designed to introduce the student to the elements of Sacred Dance or Healing Dance and how it can be used as a Spiritual Practice.

 The workshop is mainly lecture with some movement exercises; you need not be a dancer or have any dance experience. For the beginner it is an opportunity to experience Dance as a moving meditation with no expectations about what it looks like, only what it feels like from the inside. For students with previous Dance experienceit is an opportunity to go back to the basics and deepen your experience. The exercises are simple and fun.

...dancing to the beat of the cosmic sistrum

 The Tuesday before my Dance Intensive I had the worst attack of sciatica I have ever had. Usually I have it on my right side. This was on my left side focused in my knee downward. I could hardly bend my knee it was SO painful.

The morning of the class I could hardly walk to the Centre even though it was only 3 blocks away! The whole time I was walking I thought to myself ‘how are you going to teach 2 classes if you can’t even walk’?! I got to the Centre, slowly, and began the class. It was a wonderful class and I forgot all about my knee in the spirit of the moment.

Between classes I had some errands to run. It was only when I rushed down to the street walking the same path I had taken to get to the Centre earlier that day that I remembered the pain! And it was gone!  I couldn’t believe it! The difference was amazing.

I have often used the Dance to shift energy of the emotional or mental sort, or even to loosen up my body and remove stress but in this case it was extreme pain and the result was so fast. We only Danced about 30 minutes and it completely released and has never returned.

I didn’t think to try Dancing to release it because I honestly thought that I had injured myself with out realizing it. This experience has taken my understanding of this Dance to a whole new level!"-
Leslie Zehr

What you will learn in this course:

  • What is Sacred Dance?
  • What is Healing Dance?
  • How to ground and center, and why these are so important to the Dance.
  • Relaxation, receptivity and becoming the vessel.
  • Dance as co-creation with the Divine.
  • Presence and engaging the deeper aspects of your Self in the Dance.
  • How to create your own spiritual practice using movement and Dance.

*The course is also available as a 30-day online program.

Dance as a Spiritual Practice