Three-month Program

 Dance as a Spiritual Practice Module

The Dance as a Spiritual Practice material is designed to introduce the student to the elements of Sacred Dance or Healing Dance and how it can be used as a Spiritual Practice.

What you will learn in this Module:

  • What is Sacred Dance?
  • What is Healing Dance?
  • How to ground and center, and why these are so important to the Dance.
  • Relaxation, receptivity and becoming the vessel.
  • Dance as co-creation with the Divine.
  • Presence and engaging the deeper aspects of your Self in the Dance.
  • How to create your own spiritual practice using movement and Dance.

Includes lectures, movement exercise, a workbook and two 30-minute private online sessions with Leslie.

Hat-hor Goddess of Love and Empowerment Module

This work is aimed to reconnect us to the Divine aspects of the feminine. We can gain an understanding of what that is by exploring the archetype that represented the Divine feminine in ancient Egypt, Hathor. Hathor was the considered to be the ‘goddess’ of childbirth, empowerment, music, dance, scrying and vibration.

What you will learn in this Module:

  • Look at archetypes and why they are important.
  • Explore how Hathor represents the Divine Feminine.
  • Understand why it is important for women of this time to reconnect with this archetype.
  • Look at her relationship to the King, her son and Sekhmet.
  • Learn how to invoke these energies to empower ourselves and others.

Includes lectures, movement exercise and two 30-minute private online sessions with Leslie.


The three-month Sacred Dance Mentoring Program is based on Leslie's book The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer. If you have already read her book you will understand her process of going through the lines of the Tarot to create a form.
We begin by building a base. The first two Modules, Dance as a Spiritual Practice and  Hat-hor Goddess of Love and Empowerment, focus on using movement to connect with the Divine, finding inner space, exploring aspects of the Divine Feminine, creating Sacred Space and other tools we need to create and maintain a spiritual practice that will allow our inner potential to blossom.

Once we have built the base we are ready to move on to the next dimension of the Dance. In The Alchemy of Dance we move everything we have learned to a higher level. The three-month program is meant to be a comprehensive program for those wishing to use Dance as their spiritual practice and a way to connect tot he Divine.

The materials used for the mentoring process were developed from Leslie's books and previous courses. The program runs three consecutive months (in three four week sessions), the fee is $500 for the entire three-month program.

If you have already taken some of the courses live or online please contact Leslie to assess how to integrate that into the three-month program.

Sacred Dance Mentoring Program

The Alchemy of Dance

The Alchemy of Dance is the ancient dance of the Serpent Goddess. She teaches us the ancient ways of transmuting energy through our bodies using rhythm and primordial movements. Women will learn how to reconnect with the earth’s rhythm using dance as a spiritual practice. Various methods such as initiation, kinetics as well as transmission are used to achieve this connection.

Pre-requisite: Dance as a Spiritual Practice and Hat-hor Goddess of Love & Empowerment are pre-requisites for this module.