...the sacred dance of co-creation

This course is currently being taught as part of the Mentoring Program.

In this course we will:

  • Look at archetypes and why they are important.
  • Explore how Hathor represents the Divine Feminine.
  • Understand why it is important for women of this time to reconnect with this archetype.
  • Look at her relationship to the King, her son and Sekhmet.
  • Learn how to invoke these energies to empower ourselves and others.

As we move into the Shift of Ages we move into a time when it is imperative that we embrace the Divine Masculine and Feminine and step into our full potential. In order to do this we must reclaim ancient knowledge to assist us in this process.

The Pharaonic temples in Egypt are built over more ancient sites. It is the more ancient wisdom that we need to tap into connecting us to the deeper, primordial energies from before the 'separation' (3114 BC). Reconnecting us to the Age of Taurus, Hathor's era, the time of the Sacred Cow, the Great Mother.

In ancient Egypt the powerful 'Snake Goddess', the archetype of the Divine Feminine, was known as Hathor-Sekhmet. It was Hathor that empowered kings. They knew that without her they would not succeed. In modern times she has much to teach us. Join us and experience her wisdom and be empowered by her Love.

This course is aimed to reconnect us to the Divine aspects of the feminine. We can gain an understanding of what that is by exploring the archetype that represented the Divine feminine in ancient Egypt, Hathor. Hathor was the considered to be the ‘goddess’ of childbirth, empowerment, music, dance, scrying and vibration. This course is taught as part of the mentoring program online and as part of the Dance Intensive.

Hathor Goddess of Love and Empowerment