...the sacred dance of co-creation

Join us on a journey of descent to the limitless and creative aspects of your soul.

We are all very familiar with the Hero’s Journey. It is written about in all types of mythology. As women living in these times we too take the archetypal hero’s journey. We go out in the world and ‘make’ something of ourselves and return home to be acknowledged. But there is another journey often neglected or spoken about in a negative way that is the Heroines Journey, a journey that takes us deep inside ourselves to the ‘underworld’.

In this workshop we will explore that journey, its impact in our development as well as its importance to the feminine psyche. We will discuss the journeys relationship to the neglected aspects of the Divine Feminine as well as its importance for all of humanity. This workshop will be interactive and experiential. We will create a sacred space for participants to safely process these deep aspects within themselves.

Leslie will be your guide and facilitator on this journey. She draws on her background in psychology and her work with archetypes to assist you through this journey. Leslie has been taking this journey for decades, since she first initiated into it in Mexico in 1971. After a very profound dream in 2002, and because of her own experiences, she is passionate about helping other women to reconnect with these powerful and creative aspects of the Divine Feminine within themselves. For the last four years Leslie has been writing about and facilitating the Heroine’s Journey to groups in Egypt and the USA. She now brings this work online to reach a wider audience.

Heroine's Journey