The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer

“I’m anything but objective about the work of Leslie Zehr. She has been a beloved mentor and friend ever since I first visited Cairo, and gave me one of the most useful teachings I’ve ever heard: “This is the country of the River. Give up and go where she wants to take you, and it gets easier. Try to swim against the current . . .” — and the rest did not have to be said. As the years have passed since 2003, her words have seemed to apply to almost everything: exchanges and interactions with people, communications with the Moon, Mother Earth, the Andean plant teachers and other Divine medicine, and with the flow of healing energy through all the bodies of my own consciousness.

Leslie is uniquely qualified to write not only about dance, but specifically about the Alchemy of it. The word comes from Khemt, the ancient word that the people of the Black Land by the Nile called their country before it became more widely known under its Greek name, “Egypt.” She was initiated as a Priestess at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, has channeled and created the Egyptian Flower Remedies, has led the Cairo Center for Health and Wellbeing since she and other women first founded it in 1996, and has guided countless teachings and ceremonies at sacred sites, all of them unified by the same alchemical theme she presents in The Alchemy of Dance. The book is rich in spiritual lore, as it shows how an evolving pattern of Sacred Dance is present in the arcana of the tarot, the archetypal images of the soul journey, and the symbols of alchemy.

That’s why her book is so unusual. No footwork diagrams or pictures of body positions. And nothing about dance as entertainment, or as something to relieve the stress of the workaday world, or as a way to lose weight and get an ideal dancer’s body. If anything, Leslie affirms that women’s bodies of all sizes, ages and shapes are beautiful as they are. The point of what she does is in the alchemy as an empowering, liberating process of transformation in which one attunes with the rhythms of the Earth, the pulse of the heart and the dream of freedom. In the end, for those who commit to the path Leslie maps out, one can release the fear, the doubt and the distraction, and become one with the Universal Dancer who expresses what is sacred in every breath and every move.”

Dan Furst author of “The Rain on the Nile”, “Maps of Power”, “Finding Your Best Places”, “Surfing Aquarius”, “Navegando por Acuario” and “Dance of the Moon”

“After reading this book I felt inspired to dance around the room, encouraged by the book’s message to reclaim this ancient art form. It is quite a liberating experience..."
Yvonne Harlech author of “Mistress of the Temple” and “Harp of Joy”

“Leslie Zehr brings the feminine sacred arts to life in her magical book “The Alchemy of Dance.” This book is a must read for any woman who wants to know how to move the subtle energies of creation through the body with dance. I’ve highlighted and worked with each aspect of this book and love the information and insights I’ve gained. Thank you for writing it, Leslie!”
—Lisa Michaels Author, Creation Coach, Speaker

This is truly a fabulous book on sacred dance. I’ve been practicing sacred dances for many years and I highly recommend reading it and tell others about it. The author shares her own experience in the magic of dancing alchemy. It was both insightful as well as inspiring and empowering. She brings in the Tarot, the elements, power animals and there are some illustrations of the movements. Even though dance is clearly a kinesthetic experience, it’s a great read.”

Maryanne Savino, New York, NY

“I absolutely loved “The Alchemy of Dance” for two main reasons. Many people do not think that they can do this kind of dancing and may feel intimidated. The book explains why it is so easy and so natural (instinctively) for us to do so. If you can just let yourself go as explained beautifully in the book, the rest will happen by itself. It is the most liberating experience and I have to say the energy and the vitality it promotes makes it worth trying.

The second reason is how well the spiritual connection is explained. It truly helps get you to a place of “no mind” which for many is easier to achieve by dancing than by meditating. I think the book is well worth reading and more importantly worth trying, meaning: get up and dance!!! All you have to lose are your inhibitions. You can gain flexibility, a sense of connectedness and JOY.”

Cathy Rubini, Bologna, Italy

“Leslie, yours is a unique perspective and a powerful one. What I appreciated was the way you integrated all levels, physical, mental and spiritual, in your approach to the dance. I also felt that the power of your own personal experience and how you shared it gave the audience a way to relate to the potential of the tools you were sharing as something they too could take the risk to explore. The transformational work you teach is authentic in a way that a lot of New Age processes and tools unfortunately are not, or rather, they are often more superficial or ungrounded. So, thanks again for coming to Mimosa. Let us know if you are back this way again."
Beth Wortzel Mimosa Books & Gifts, Madison WI, USA

“Leslie has been living in Egypt for 20 years and in that time has accessed some very deep energies and knowledge that she feels strongly guided to share. To this end she is traveling worldwide offering this workshop. My experience being and dancing with Leslie is that through her guidance I was able to access the ecstatic and powerful energies of feminine power with greater freedom and joy. And now I can use the simple yet profound movements that I tasted with her to continue that exploration on my own. I was able to take that from just a few hours, now Leslie is offering us an opportunity to be with her for 2 1/2 days!”
Elizabeth Ebaugh Bubbling Springs Holistic Health Center, Silver Springs MD, USA

The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer

(Second Revised Edition)

Leslie Zehr

ISBN-10: 1978303505

Format: Trade paperback

Publication Date: January 2018

Pages: 128

Price: $14.50 soft cover

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Size: 6 x 9

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A simple method of teaching dance and esoteric wisdom enables women to reconnect with the divine feminine aspect within themselves.

...the sacred dance of co-creation

As a sacred art, dance is meditative, healing, and empowering. Movement is life – and dance is our birthright. But although it’s available to all women, it has been largely forgotten.

The Alchemy of Dance takes you on a powerful, transformational journey to rediscover and reconnect to the Dance in you, as you remember the sacredness of the body, the divine feminine energies that move through you, and the Goddess.

Born in Peru and educated in the United States, author Leslie Zehr followed a calling to “return” to Egypt in 1986, sensing the power of the ancient motherland and its esoteric mysteries. While at the Dendera Temple in Luxor, she received a profound gift of knowledge through an initiatory experience with the Serpent Goddess, an aspect of Hat-Hor/Sekhmet, who taught her the ancient Sacred Dance. Since then, her Great Work has been to pass along these teachings to thousands of women through retreats, workshops, online courses and in this book, now in its 2nd edition.

With simple-to-follow written and visual instructions, The Alchemy of Dance guides you step-by-step into the Dance, showing you how to tap into primordial movements that re-align your body with sacred geometry, wave patterns, energy, the chakras, and vibration. As you practice these movements, you will experience:

  • A reconnection of the sexual/spiritual aspects within you
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Greater access to your intuition and the source of abundant creativity

Incorporating the esoteric wisdom of Tarot and alchemy– the sacred Dance is an archetypal journey to the Universal Dancer, the Gold – as well as Leslie’s personal journey of transformation through her intimate experience with the Serpent Goddess, this is a multilayered book to be savored and enjoyed.

The Alchemy of Dance is for anyone who feels a calling to help rebalance the dark and light aspects of the divine feminine within themselves and the world during these complex and transformative times.

About the Second Edition:
This second revised edition includes a new chapter on creating sacred space; additional, larger images; and a complete glossary of terms.

About the Author:
Leslie Zehr has been a sacred arts teacher, mentor and “midwife” to those on a spiritual path for more than 30 years. Based in Cairo since 1986, she founded and operated a center for well-being, learning and creativity, and a modern-day temple honoring the Goddess Hat-Hor, for 20 years. She is the author of The Alchemy of Dance; The Al-chemia Remedies; and The Sacred Art of Dance Journal. In addition to leading retreats in Egypt, Peru and across North America, she currently teaches courses through her online platform, Universal Dancer Temple for Sacred Arts, and is the Host and Producer of The Universal Dancer Podcast.

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