...the sacred dance of co-creation

The Sacred Art of Dance Journal

The Sacred Art of Dance Journal (Sacred Arts Series) (Volume 1)

Authors: Leslie Zehr

Illustrator:  Cosima Lukashevich

ISBN-10: 1979780501

Format: Trade paperback

Publication Date: November 2017

Pages: 160

Price: $12.95 soft cover

Size: 8 x 10

Available online from: Amazon

The Sacred Art of Dance Journal is the first in a series of journals specifically for people practicing the sacred arts. It is meant as a sacred space for you to record your thoughts and experiences. It is a place for you not only to chart your journey, but also to process the information you receive along the way.

The interior features 150 pages of alternating lined and un-lined pages for your musings. The lined pages (right-hand) are for writing down thoughts as text. The facing, un-lined, pages are for drawings, mandalas, diagrams, brainstorming, processing or annotating the text you have written.

The cover and interior images are inspired by Om el Donya (mother of the world) herself—the ancient land of Khemt (Egypt).

The cover of this journal is from a drawing by Cosima Lukashevich called The Sacred Art of Dance. It is a Soul Drawing of Leslie Zehr in her role as priestess at The Centre for Sacred Arts in Cairo, Egypt.

About the Authors: Leslie Zehr is a Sacred Arts mentor, author and speaker. Cosima Lukashevich is a visual artist. The two women met in Cairo in 2004. Both had left similar pasts in Western society to move to Egypt decades earlier. They heard the call of the goddess and returned to the ancient land of Khemet to learn and fine-tune their skills. Egypt is their university for higher learning. It provided the fertile soil for them to grow and refine the gifts that live deep inside of them.