...the sacred dance of co-creation

Tapping into this power is a very Sacred practice. Through surrender there is great personal power, power within, em-powerment, rather than power over others. All ancient cultures practiced the Universal Dancer, the concept of flow and connectedness. Through the inflation of the Ego state, and desire for control this concept was lost. Man wanted to be the master of his destiny. He gave up co-creation, the Divine connection and direction for his own will. When one can no longer hear the calling of their destiny they often try to live another’s destiny and will never truly step into their full power, the absolute power which was designed for each individual. All ancient cultures fell because of this desire to control, to become God, rather than respect Divine order and co-create with God/Divine.

The Mayans believed in the concept of flow, their whole calendar was based on it. It clearly outlines spiritual evolution, Divine order. It illuminates the concept of being completely present, in the now because life is unfolding as it will. There is no need to waste time re-creating the universe, by our own design. We are guided by our intuition and are always in the right place at the right time.

The Mayan calendar also illuminates the fact that as creation speeds up, our mind, (which guides and is the source of our Ego) will no longer be sufficient to handle all the information coming in. In the future we will be forced to use our intuition because it will be the only tool capable of handling the increased speed of the Cosmic Dance. Through this evolution our most valuable survival skill will become intuition. Those who have learned to do ‘the cosmic dance’ will survive. They will always be in the right place at the right time, others will not.

This is the great lesson of Egypt, flow, it lives in the stones. One must surrender, because there IS no other way to live here. If you want to experience the Universal Dancer, come to Egypt! Everything changes second by second. The only way to survive in Egypt is to live in the present, in the moment, and feel the next step rather than plan it. Those who refuse, those who live in the illusion of control will not thrive here. In fact this is the reality of life, the greater reality; life is dynamic and ever changing. As I always tell my students ‘if you want to make God laugh tell him YOUR plans’.

There is Divine order, the Mayans knew it, and all the ancient cultures KNEW it. We all KNOW it. Just look at nature around you, it is a living example. The trick is to let go of the idea of control and just navigate. Nature is the manifestation this Divine order, the esoteric sciences are the underlying laws and vibrations that govern this manifestation.

In order to reach the Universal Dancer we can do, as the ancients did, and study these esoteric sciences. Understanding the laws and connecting to the vibrations and their manifestations brings us into compete harmony with the Divine flow. Many of those tools include Aromatherapy, Sacred Dance, Astrology and Tarot and the vibrational archetypes underlying them, as well as the elements, Temperaments and Flower Remedies

There are many paths to the Universal Dancer.  One example is through Sacred Dance.  The ‘Dance’ (Sacred Dance) it’s self is an analogy, a way to practice being the Universal Dancer. The universe is holographic, the Hermetic precept ‘as above so below’ reflects this. The microcosm is the macrocosm and vice versa. If we can ‘learn’ the ‘earthy dance’, we can then live the ‘greater Dance’.

Through Sacred Dance, we become one with the music and everything around us. We are in a complete state of ‘no-mind’, we become the flow. We do not think about the movements, they move through us, we become them. We surrender to the energy (waves) moving through our bodies and thereby fuse, no resistance. We reach the place known as Duende, presence, in-spiration (filled with Divine breath).

As we Dance in-spired using the music as a guide, so in life we can hear the music of the universe and Dance to that.  The universe is infinite; we merely limit ourselves by our thoughts and our ‘imagination’.

The last card of the Tarot, the Universe, is often referred to as the Universal Dancer. It is the point where we are fully integrated with all of life and Dance with the Universe. It is the fusion point, co-creation, the point where we are not just united, but fused. There is no division or polarity we are one with the universe, flowing, complete surrender and integration

Alchemy is a process, a practice, in which our ultimate goal to become the Gold or the Universal Dancer, to reach that point of fusion, complete integration, often called enlightenment. In the Alchemy of Dance we practice this cosmic dance. We explore the feminine side of this aspect by dancing the subtle earth rhythms and reconnecting with the Divine Feminine.

Esoteric knowledge is hidden knowledge because of its power. When this power is misused it is very dangerous. For that reason esoteric practices are often shrouded in mundane practices. To those who are initiated the truth is obvious, for others it is just fun. Tarot and Sacred Dance are two examples of this kind of shrouding. Tarot became card games and Sacred Dance was preserved in other forms of dance such as belly dance, tribal dance, oriental dance even Latin dances.

The Universal Dancer